Basil Tree’s Earth Friendly Practices

Basil Tree Catering is working on many levels to reduce waste and work towards environmental sustainability. Unfortunately drop-off catering uses a lot of disposable paper goods but we are working towards reducing this waste and making changes throughout our operations. Below are some of the changes we have made. We are especially proud that over 90% of waste that we produce is recycled or composted. As always, we are open to suggestions on how to do an even better job at protecting our environment. 

  • We have pioneered our Basil Bin program which saves countless platters, bowls, lids and serving utensils from the waste stream.

  • We are very excited to participate in the Sustainable Business Leader Program, a great organization in Boston which helps local businesses become more sustainable. The SBLP has helped over 90 businesses in the Boston area to become more energy efficient, help conserve water and reduce waste. We were certified in 2011 and are currently undergoing recertification. If you are interested in getting involved, you can check out their website,

  • 100% of our paper goods are now 100% compostable
    • Plates are made from sugar cane and wheat fiber waste
    • Cutlery, cups and clear containers are made from corn products purchased from a non-profit supporting environmental sustainability
    • Napkins are from Hoffmaster, and are 100% tree-free, made from sugar cane fiber pulp.
  • We have switched over our lighting to low-energy florescent bulbs
  • Collect all food waste to be picked up by Save that Stuff to be made into compost.  We cut our garbage production by more than half.
  • Our cooking oil is recycled into bio-fuel
  • We combine delivery trips and use smaller vans whenever possible
  • We are active members of Cambridge Local First, an organization which supports locally owned businesses and strives for sustainability and environmental responsibility.
  • We continually work with our suppliers to use as many local and sustainable products as possible.


Papergoods are made from products that recycle or return to the earth safely