History of the Basil Tree

People often ask, how did Basil Tree Catering get started?  Surprisingly, the owner, Valerie Shulock, did not have any formal culinary training. She did however, study Bio-Psychology with a specialty in Nutrition & Behavior as an undergrad at Tufts University.  Later, while working on her Masters in Management of Human Services at Brandeis University, she took the advice of the head of the masters program and quit school to carry out a business plan she had created for a class.

In 1987. Val enlisted the help of her friends and co-workers Irene & Carlos Carvalho, and launched Basil Tree Inc.. In a small, shared kitchen in Somerville, Val, Irene & Carlos prepared unique pasta salads for area cafes and take out markets; an idea that soon evolved to include catering. The catering became so successful that they decided to eliminate the wholesale aspect of the business.

Basil Tree now resides in our Fresh Pond location in Cambridge. Val remains the sole owner and Irene & Carlos still work closely with her as kitchen manager and head chef. The staff has grown to over 25 employees. 30 years later, Basil Tree Catering continues to grow and provide the highest quality food and service our Boston area clients have come to love.

Basil Tree Philosophy

Here at Basil Tree we strive to offer you the highest quality food and service while still maintaining a social and environmental conscience. We work closely with many of Boston's charitable organizations and shelters, donating food, services and 10% of our profits each year. We recycle, and are happy to pick up our used plastic ware to help you recycle as well. We offer a wide selection of healthy vegetarian options, work with local suppliers and carry organic fair-trade coffee. Bringing our values home, we provide a positive work environment and treat employees with respect. All of this, and more, is at the heart of Basil Tree's philosophy; to make a difference where we can.